Parking garage map search

Parking garage map search

7 parking garages welcome our guests to Budapest, a unique state-of-the-art parking system satisfies all needs. From parking to a hand car wash.

Parking  reservation

Parking reservation

If you have things to do in the city, book a parking spot ahead online.

Parking daily tickets

Parking daily tickets

Book your parking space in advance, discounted daily fee calculation.

Parking passes

Parking passes

Request a lease or buy parking tickets. A quick and easy choice.

Parking reservation <b> a few hours </b>

Parking reservation a few hours

Our customers enjoy the benefits reservation may also come from anywhere, without also providing you an extra parking space. Refer to the information and to book a parking space comfortably.

Parking reservation <b> one or more days </b>

Parking reservation one or more days

Book your parking space in advance, discounted daily fee calculation, any time of day, anywhere also comes with a 24-hour period for parking spaces discounted fee calculation provided, will not be disappointed, daily check and book tickets conveniently.

Parking ticket requests <b> one or more months </b>

Parking ticket requests one or more months

Choose EZ parking lot of types of houses are different lease or contract more significant monthly savings, cost-effective and guaranteed continuous space insurance.

Guests reviews so far

"It is close to our dental office, and a good solution for our staff. We also recommend it to our patients, while they are with us they don’t have to worry about their car. The car park personnel are also very kind." -

"I’ve been interested in this car park ever since it opened, for it’s practical side, since I work at the Opera House. For years I have had a good working relationship with the staff. I have always received flawless, devoted service from a smiling team." -

"The car park is in a great location for school events since many parents and guests come who can get discounts for parking, otherwise school events would be a big problem downtown." -

"It was such a reassuring way to head out downtown, knowing I wouldn’t have to search for a parking place, but could just go directly to my reserved spot. I met a very nice, helpful lady at the entrance of the car park. I’ll definitely opt for this solution next time as well. I highly recommend this site and car park." -

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It offers the best of all time -

This is how our magical drawing competition started and is now, just as in a fairy tale

The 2017 drawing competition’s beginning and ongoing features are similar to a fairy tale which tells the story of three wonderful boys. Once upon a time when this was true, over the magical mountains, hills, and lakes, there was a legendary children empire, where three wonderful baby boys were born. -

Javíttassa meg a szélvédőn keletkezett kőfelverődést a parkolóban!

Bosszantó kristályos felverődések, sebesülések a szélvédőn? Szélvédő, a sérülésnek leginkább kitett autóalkatrész. Leggyakoribb kellemetlen problémát általában a kavics felverődések okozzák. Az ilyen gyakori hibák szerencsére javíthatóak, helyben az EZ Parkolóban! Javítást követően az autóüveg ugyanolyan képességekkel rendelkezik, mint amikor új korában volt. -

Gyönyörű rajzok érkeznek a rajzversenyre

A rajzverseny „Varázslatos Parkolóház” címet kapta. Visszajelzések alapján a téma címe kelti fel a gyermeki a szívet és figyelmet. Talán az idők végezetéig, ha nem is, de egy kis ideig, az emberek elfelejtik parkolási a bajokat, problémákat. -

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EZ Parking Budapest - parking in Budapest downtown

Great parking opportunity in the heart of Budapest with the EZ parking lot chain, including several lots throughout the city. The EZ Parking Lot Ltd. is operating several garages downtown, where you can park your car, motorbike or scooter in a comfortable and safe way. They are situated in the VI. and VII. districts, near to the most important central spots in the city. One of our most popular garages is the EZ Opera Parking Lot. However, we have garages elsewhere close to the Basilique, the Opera House, the Andrássy and Rákóczi roads, Deák Ferenc and Blaha Lujza squares, as well as the West-end and Eastern Railway Stations. We offer 24 hour supervision and CCTV system to make sure that your vehicles are always secure and provide help at any time. You can book a 2parking space just in 2 minutes using our online space reservation system where you can also buy a daily ticket quickly and easily.

Parking garage map search

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